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iPhone SE 2 caught on video with iPhone X-like design

iPhone SE 2 Leak

The iPhone SE 2 has been rumored for a while now, with many expecting it to look just like its predecessor. Here to shatter this assumption is a new Weibo video uncovered by Macotakara.

Instead of the same old iPhone 5S-inspired design, the hands-on footage shows a more iPhone X-esque one. All the key elements are present, from the nearly bezel-less design, notch, vertical dual cameras, Home indicator, and Face ID. Even an authentic-looking Settings page is featured.

The only big difference is the casing, which has a much boxier look and Jet Black color. The big question here is whether or not the video is real of fake. Going by several small clues, it’s more than likely to be phony.

YouTube video

For one thing, there’s a chance this is just an iPhone X with a case on to make it look more like the iPhone SE 2. Without the graphic asking whether this smartphone is an iPhone SE 2, it would just look like a video of someone using their iPhone X.

It’s difficult to make out the dimensions, but the handset looks a bit too big in the person’s hands to match the iPhone SE’s 4-inch size. Apple probably isn’t going to make the phone’s sequel too big since its compact form factor is what has attracted many people to the device in the first place.

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Apple also isn’t likely to cram the iPhone X’s advanced tech like its TrueDepth camera system and dual rear shooters into its most affordable smartphone. Doing so would rocket up the price and make it inaccessible for the series’ intended market segment.

Perhaps this iPhone SE design will eventually happen a couple of years down the line when the parts become less expensive to make. Till then, we can look forward to the iPhone SE 2 making its debut sometime this year, perhaps at the WWDC 2018 in June.