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iPhone SE 2 case leak tips iPhone X-esque notch design

iPhone SE 2 Case

The iPhone SE 2 is turning out to be a very difficult device to pin down, since some say it’ll have an iPhone X-like look and others believe it’ll look just like the original. Arguing for the former is a fresh leak from case maker Olixar, putting covers and screen protectors for the handset up for sale on UK-based retailer MobileFun’s website.

These cases and screen guard’s strongly suggest that Apple is going to bless its smallest iPhone with a bezel-less notch design. Olixar’s even supplied 9to5Mac with some schematics from Chinese factory sources as evidence of the design.

According to the blueprint, the iPhone SE 2 will be 12.1cm long and 5.5cm wide. These are almost the same dimensions as its predecessor. The notch apparently measures just 1.87cm wide. This is much smaller than the iPhone X’s cutout. This would mean that Apple had to remove some components.

iPhone SE 2 Screen

The most obvious candidate would be the very-expensive TrueDepth camera which powers Face ID. But this would be strange since there’s no Touch ID around either. Apple would hardly leave its customers in the lurch like that. If it does decide to include Face ID, the price of the smartphone would probably skyrocket.

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This would defeat the purpose of the SE lineup in the first place. The series is meant to appeal to developing markets and budget-conscious consumers who like having a 4-inch phone which doesn’t break the bank. Going the iPhone X way would indicate that Apple is abandoning this approach, at least slightly.