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8 iPhone Photo Editing Apps

iPhone Photo Editing Apps

Some of these iPhone photo editing apps are probably the best things to have happened to the handset’s camera. We are listing a few such options that not only carry interesting editing functions, but also come with features that may just make capturing images your favorite pastime. So breathe life into images with effects or wrap them up in neat borders to make a great holiday card. You can do this and more by employing the choices listed below.

1. Camera+


Who doesn’t like capturing memories and then unleashing their creative side to virtually enhance those moments? Well, the Camera+ app intends to help you out with just that. It offers 6× digital zoom and a Photo Flashlight feature, while giving you the liberty to control exposure settings for snapping up images just the way you desire.

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There is also an image stabilizer and grid lines so that you capture blur-free and clear images. And yes, a number of effects and borders are onboard for you to satisfy your creative side. Needless to say, you can then post the edited images on Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr or just mail them to your kin or pals.

Price: $0.99

2. Photogene 2

Photogene 2

It will be difficult to not stumble upon Photogene 2 when fishing around for photo editing apps that are currently on the scenario. Just like Camera+, this offering has also come to be quite popular amongst individuals with Apple handsets, whether they harbor a penchant for photography or not. The pocket-friendly price tag with a good number of appealing features thrown in could be one of the many reasons why both these delights might find their place in many a handset.

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As for Photogene 2 for iPhone, it tags along most of the important photo editing aspects and facilitates exporting images to Flickr, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa and FTP. Special effects and presets, a collage maker and built-in camera module with a seamless UI are all there for beautifying the precious moments captured on your portable device.

Price: $0.99

3. Fotolr Photo Studio

Fotolr Photo Studio

Want to give yourself a virtual makeover? With Fotolr Photo Studio app, you could erase acne off your face, indulge in face trimming, place a wig or dye your hair. Additionally, the software also features a Photo sharing community as well as a photo album to keep images organized and within easy reach for quick transfers. Over 80 image effects, picture editing features, photo-collage and quick transferring options are offered by the application. Pictures can be shared on Twitter, Tumblr, Sina Weibo and Facebook for everyone to see and comment on your world travels or that last vacation in Hawaii.

Price: Free

4. OldBooth


Some of the photo editing apps on the Apple App Store transform images in a manner that they look reminiscent of the era gone by. With OldBooth, you can apply over 60 masks to portraits and check whether you could have pulled off the look people so loved back in the 1920’s. A neat UI and the software’s simplicity may just strike a chord with the photographer in you.

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Individuals who have earned themselves the reputation of being pranksters might also be probably addicted to this application. And no, we aren’t giving you any ideas, but who wouldn’t want to know how their friends would have looked back in the ‘good old days’?

Price: $1.99

5. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express

Whether you’re a layman or an ardent photographer, you would have probably heard of Adobe Photoshop Express for iPhone. It comes with the basic group of borders, filters, effects and editing options such as cropping, rotating, making adjustments and more. The in-app purchases can further improve the editing experience on this offering.

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Its key feature has to be the free 2GB storage space on Photoshop.com for which users are required to create an account on the website. So it will be like carrying all your edited images with you as they will be uploaded and stored safely in your account.

Price: Free

6. Instagram


Seamless photo sharing, sending out and receiving comments on images and neat editing attributes are probably some of the things that come to your mind on reading the name, Instagram. If you were expecting this offering to feature in our photo editing apps lineup, then you probably are an avid Instagram user yourself.

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You can apply filter effects such as linear and radial tilt-shift blur, XPro-II, Earlybird and Lo-fi. Needless to say, borders can also be added to make a snap more attractive. You could let the hidden creative genius be known to everyone by putting up the images on Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Facebook, Foursquare, and Posterous via the application.

Price: Free

7. Picture Effect Magic

Picture Effect Magic

As the name suggests, Picture Effect Magic does come with a good number of effects so that images can swiftly and easily be enhanced on the fly. The listed choices read out to be sharpen, blur, comic, wave, glow edge, diffuse, subtense and lomo amongst others. Like most of the other options in the roster, this one also entails directly sharing images to Facebook and Flickr or via email. Besides adding the effects, it allows making color and brightness adjustments to the photographs. So mix and match effects to come up with your own or dabble in a retro style and alter snaps to liven up your networking profiles by posting the ingenious results.

Price: Free

8. PhotoChop


If we would have to choose a few words to describe PhotoChop then they will be, ‘quick’, ‘easy’ and ‘fun.’ Any photo from your existing library can be picked up to be ‘chopped’ and then placed on another background. Naturally, images can also be instantly captured to have them edited via this software. So you can sit yourself next to a ferocious tiger or an elaborate architectural masterpiece, if you please.

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You have to simply import an image to the app, use swipe gestures to erase unwanted portions and place yourself or anyone else in the background that you pick from the lot available in the app. Intuitive gestures such as pinching and tapping can be applied to move, resize and rotate images. You could continue to knock yourself out by coming up with a plethora of creative pictures and maybe even place your friends next to a T-Rex.

Price: Free

Which of these iPhone photo editing apps have been residing in your Apple handset? Leave a comment about the the ones which caught your fancy and those that may have been left out of our roster.