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8 Best iPhone Password Managers

Best iPhone Password Managers

Since it’s obvious that none of you are likely to maintain the same secret keys for each account, we’ve compiled a list with some of the best iPhone password managers. After all, no one likes their personal information falling into the wrong hands. But taking on the hassle of memorizing each combination may not be everyone’s cup of tea. So that’s mainly why we’ve jotted down these applications owing to the fact that it’s better to be safe, than sorry.

1. eWallet


Now that you know we don’t want you to take any chances with personal information, start off with the eWallet application. To keep all your account information safe, this app utilizes 256-bit AES encryption which securely stored your passwords, usernames, PINs, bank and credit card information. And if you feel that your current key combination isn’t strong enough, eWallet sports an automatic password generator that randomizes keywords. You can also synchronize all stored information with your PC or Mac over a Wi-Fi connection. The eWallet price tag reads at $9.99 on the App Store.

2. mSecure –


Next addition in our line-up of iPhone password managers is mSecure, which is a simple and intuitive application for storing confidential information. You can create random passwords through the built-in generator feature, sync all data to an external source or utilize the free backup utility to maintain a copy of account details. There are also a few personalization options that provide around 100 icons and 17 standard templates for quick data entry. Furthermore, it allows you to apply themes or various fonts and comes bearing a few menus for convenience in accessing frequently used functions. The mSecure price sums up to $9.99 on the App Store.

3. DataVault


To provide added security measures, the DataVault app not only encrypts the data, but also stores it in the Apple Keychain. With this application, you can organize each input into different categories, generate customizable passwords, setup hints just in case you’re forgetful and enable a security alert which notifies you on every failed login attempt via email. Also, if by any chance your device falls into the wrong hands, you can set it to wipe off all data after a certain number of login attempts. Apart from these functions, it lets you backup and restore information through the file sharing feature within iOS. The DataVault price stands at $9.99 on the App Store.

4. Strip


Knowing that your passwords are highly important, Strip uses 256-bit AES encryption to secure your confidential information. This next addition to our iPhone password managers roster holds customizable features that allow you to personalize different categories through 40 pre-loaded icons. Also, if you have the Strip desktop software installed, you can synchronize your data with a PC over Wi-Fi. Besides these, this application allows you to make calls, send emails and launch websites without hitting the exit. There’s also a Shake-n-Make password generator, just in case you’re unable to whip up a strong password. The Strip price amounts to $4.99 on iTunes.

5. My Eyes Only

My Eyes Only

Unlike most other applications that we’ve listed out, My Eyes Only claims to provide an added security feature through 512-bit AES encryption for small entry fields including passwords, Social Security numbers, credit card details and 256-bit AES encryption for the rest. Although iTunes creates a backup of all application data, you can synchronize your passwords with the Aerochive software for PC and Mac. Though the My Eyes Only app is stated to be free on iTunes, it comes as a trial version with in-app purchase capabilities.

6. 1Password Pro –

1Password Pro

When we talk about the best password managers we’re not only referring to email IDs or social networking sites. With that being said, the 1Password Pro application securely stores information like credit cards and membership numbers under the hardware-accelerated AES encryption. Also, if your device happens to get lost or stolen, the auto-lock feature will try and ensure the security of your personal information. In addition to this, the app also utilizes a dual-layer defense system that requires an unlock code as well as a master password to access stored data. The 1Password Pro price stands at $14.99 on the App Store.

7. KeyGrinder –


Next to earn a spot amongst the choicest iPhone password managers is an app called KeyGrinder. Through the application’s intuitive and simple interface, you can conveniently store your information. And if you want to access an account online, passwords can be copied to the pasteboard for quick access. You can maintain a list of favorite URLs, generate multiple passwords from an existing one and even recover all your account information if your handset gets stolen. For better reliability, the company states that no data is stored within the app or on their servers.

8. Password Manager Secret Server –

Password Manager Secret Server

Built for both IT as well as home users, the Password Manager Secret Server application combines enterprise-level security features along with a simple design. Through its intuitive interface, you can view and edit passwords for multiple accounts and keep them organized as well. However, all account details are stored on the company’s secured servers. What’s more, your information can also be safely shared with others. When it comes to accessing stored information, a unique PIN code is provided for additional security measures.

With these best iPhone password managers that we’ve dug out from the App Store, there shouldn’t be a need for memorizing those tough key combinations that you’ve created for each account. Also, these aforesaid applications host a range of features that are most likely to keep your passwords safe and your mind at ease. So, if you haven’t already protected your personal information, what are you waiting for? Do give them a try and also be sure to let us know which of these apps are keeping your data secure.