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iPhone owners can finally use WhatsApp’s desktop client now

WhatsApp Web, the incredibly convenient way to use the instant messaging app when you’re at work and in front of a PC, is finally accessible to iPhone users. It was earlier available for Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and even Nokia S60 and S40 devices.

WhatsApp Web has been designed to be a desktop companion which looks to offer almost all the features that the main app bears. It of course syncs all your chats and groups, and requires you to just scan a QR code to pair itself up on the browser.

It was first launched only for Android and Windows Phone devices, while support for other platforms came in later on. For some reason though, iPhone compatibility has taken a considerable time to arrive. Anyway, it’s finally here now, and iOS fans can easily enjoy this feature by visiting the WhatsApp Web site.

WhatsApp Web

A recent update to this desktop client had blessed it with a whole bunch of new features that brought it much closer to the actual app experience provided by the Facebook-owned company. These include the ability to create or delete a group and even edit its name and display picture.

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Moreover, status messages and profile pictures can also be changed by users through WhatsApp Web. However, one of the most demanded features right now, which happens to be the facility to directly forward images and videos, is still to make its way into this web client.

iPhone owners can now try out the service by visiting this link and choosing the WhatsApp Web option from the main menu of the mobile app to active the QR scanner.