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iPhone Nano rumors on the block again, this time in UK

Apparently, the blogosphere cannot survive without an iPhone or Apple related rumor. Now here is yet another piece of information straight from the grapevine which will please the ones who want the iPhone in a small form factor.


If you have guessed it by now, then yes, there are rumors of iPhone ‘Nano’ springing up again. They seemed to have sprung up in UK. The Daily Mail from UK, relying on its ‘inside sources’, reports that the Nano phone from Apple is on its way and has also mentioned its price! Apparently, the iPhone Nano will be available for £150 via O2 for the pay-as-you-go plan. Also, it seems that the phone will be available sans any contract! O2 is the mobile carrier operated by Spain’s leading telecommunications company Telefonica.

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Owing to the popularity of the iPhone in UK, it can be predicted that the people in the country will wait eagerly for the phone from Apple. Getting it as a Christmas gift will be really cool.

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