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6 Best iPhone Medical Apps

Best iPhone Medical Apps

If you’re under the impression that the iPhone is all entertainment or just fun and games then you’re really unaware that with the combination of powerful tools like the 6 best iPhone medical apps we’re about to mention, the smartphone can really turn into a handy problem solver. There are always the educative offerings that most of us tend to leave on our blind side. But, for professionals and medical students these applications may just make their day. And you can never know, maybe yours as well.

1. iFirstAid Lite

iFirstAid Lite

The first addition to our iPhone medical apps roster transforms your smartphone into an emergency first aid assistant, the iFirstAid Lite app positions itself as a liable solution to medical-oriented problems. The application wraps in the basic topics such as CPR, bleeding, burns, choking and poisoning as well as local service numbers to quickly get in touch with the police, fire department, an ambulance and other information centers from around 100 countries. So if you ever get stuck in a building fire, a car wreck or to your luck, witness such unfortunate events, then you could save someone’s life or prevent them from major injuries until emergency services arrive. Also, each topic is prepared and edited by professionals to ensure accurate descriptions.

2. iPharmacy –


Most of the time we’re completely unaware of what medication the doctor has prescribed and for what reason. With the iPharmacy – Pill Identifier and Medication Guide app, you could say goodbye to your doubtful side and actually learn what a particular drug does. It helps you digitally identify a tablet with appropriate information on the dosage from a database of over ten thousand entries. The app holds a library comprising of around 20,000 medication guides, 12,000 pill and package images and the ability to recognize up to 200,000 NDC codes. Also, if you’re no fan of visiting a doctor, this application just might come in handy. iPharmacy price reads at $0.99 on the App Store.

3. Living Medical Textbook

Living Medical Textbook

Since prevention is better than cure, Living Medical Textbook – Diabetes has piled itself onto our lineup. The application comprises of 5 chapters with various links that include data such as illustrations, journal articles, videos, and other resources from external media sources. For better understanding of certain issues, the contents within the app discuss about new and emerging treatments and their role in meeting all goals. With the Living Medical Textbook – Diabetes app, you can view the T2DM therapy goals that are based on professional guidelines through the first chapter and the action, safety, efficacy and mechanism of a new class T2DM therapy in chapter 2. Chapter 4 and 5 contain descriptions on the mechanism, efficacy and safety of the upcoming class of SGLT-2 inhibitors.

4. WebMD


Searching for a way to stay healthy? The WebMD application is built to help you improve on your decision-making abilities and health. With this app, you can access first aid information, various support tools, a symptom checker and local health listings. What’s more, all features are made available offline, which means there’s no need for an internet connection each time you need to look up on something. By registering an account, the company allows you to save drugs, conditions and articles by simple signing in.

5. Pocket Lab Values

Pocket Lab Values

Featured on our list, Pocket Lab Values is designed for both staff in training as well as professionals. The application grants access to over 320 lab values from a wide range of categories including electrolytes, immunology, toxicology, respiratory, neurology and many more. Each of them come holding important clinical information, critical lab values, tube colors, useful website links and differential diagnoses. These lab values can be edited through the convenient interface that also helps you quickly get around and search for labs that you haven’t encountered conveniently. Pocket Lab Values price tag amounts to $2.99 on the App Store.

6. Medscape


Medscape is a comprehensive drug reference tool that wraps in a number of features for healthcare professionals. Through it, you can access physician, pharmacy, and hospital directories as well as daily medical news alerts. The application provides references for various procedures, tables, protocols, diseases and treatment guides that can be accessed offline without the need for an internet connection. Furthermore, it holds drug information for adverse effects and pregnancy guidelines as well as adult and pediatric dosing. The Medscape app also provides more than 3,500 topics on diseases and a drug interaction checker for free.

At times you might even wonder – how can these apps be of any use? Well, if you take a closer look, there’s something present in it for everyone. You could be a professional, a medical student or just a normal person who has no interest in medicine, but these applications most likely could come in handy in some way or the other and even save someones life.