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6 Best iPhone Instant Messaging Apps

Best iPhone Instant Messaging Apps

What makes the 6 best iPhone instant messaging apps we’ve listed down stand out from the rest is not only the fact that most of these can connect to popular social networking services, but also all the little extras that make them viable alternatives to texting. Well, it isn’t about just sending across messages anymore. Today’s IM services provide various other options as well. Many are built to allow chats with your friends in real time and simultaneous sharing of stuff like music, images, videos or even documents from almost anywhere in the world.

1. AIM –

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First to offer a sip from the choicest iPhone instant messaging apps cup is AIM. This application comes bundled with a number of functions that let you view notifications from various social services as well as connect to Facebook and Google Talk to chat with friends. And if one of your buddies gets on your nerves whilst conversing with a group, the ‘kick’ option is sure to come in handy. For quick access to contacts, the Favorites menu could be the right place, although you will need to add a candidate into that category. You can conveniently share content as well as your location with friends, copy-paste messages into the text field and also silence notification sounds if you want to catch up on the beauty sleep. The AIM price stands at $2.99 on the App Store.

2.WhatsApp Mesenger

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WhatsApp Mesenger

You have surely heard of WhatsApp Messenger. If not, this application comes with a number of features to get you connected with friends by simply saving their mobile numbers into your contact list. Of course, they need to have the app installed as well. There’s a group function which allows you to converse with multiple users at the same time. And if you feel like sharing stuff with others, the app lands with the option to send videos, images and voice notes. The Whats App Messenger price tag reads at $0.99 on iTunes.

3. Kik Messenger

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Kik Messenger

Next up is the Kik Messenger app that provides IM services over multiple platforms for free. And allowing you to chat with friends or groups isn’t all this application has to offer. You can share pictures on the spot through the camera or select one from your gallery. To create a group, all you have to do is invite friends into the conversation. Also, if you’re not sure whether your message has reached the receiver, the application provides notifications whenever a text is sent, delivered as well as read. Despite being free, you’re not likely to come across any advertisements. But you can only chat with contacts that have this software in our iPhone instant messaging apps list.

4. Skype

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Besides its offerings for audio and video calling, Skype also serves as an IM client. If you’re ever bored of ringing people or displaying your face through a webcam, the instant messaging service could be a good alternative to chatting. Skype operates over 3G or Wi-Fi networks and allows you to call friends who are on this service for free. The voice calling feature also applies to landlines and mobiles phones around the world, but it may require a subscription based on your location or as the company calls it ‘Skype Credit.’ Besides its availability on the iPhone, this candidate in our iPhone instant messaging apps roster gets along with most devices like other smartphones, TVs and so on.

5. Nimbuzz –

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We doubt that most of you are capable of staying away from friends for a long time. And keeping that in mind, our next best iPhone instant messaging app titled Nimbuzz comes with various options for you to stay on the grid. Instead of maintaining multiple clients, you can chat with friends who are on different services like Yahoo Messenger, MSN, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk, Facebook and Myspace, from a single place. Additionally, if you’ve got contacts on Nimbuzz too, there are other advanced features such as voice calling and video chat.

6. Meebo –

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Supporting most major IM networks as well as social networking sites, Meebo lets you connect with friends on AOL, Yahoo, Windows Live, Gmail, Facebook, MySpace and many others. And when you’re off the grid, push notification comes into play even if the application is closed. Navigation through different chats is easy with the gesture support that requires a simple swipe across the screen. Also, if you’re juggling between multiple conversations, the app lets you preview a message straight from the Chat list.

The only downside we can possibly spot here is the constant need for an active internet connection. And without that, the six best iPhone instant messaging apps may not be in a position to serve. But if you were to ask us to choose between IM services or email, we’d have to say that instant messaging is a quicker way of communication. So tell what you’d rather do – email someone or IM them? Also, be sure to give some of these aforesaid apps a try.

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