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iPhone users are getting frozen out of their Apple ID and no one knows why

Apple ID Lock iPhone
Image Credit: 9to5Mac

There’s a weird thing happening to iPhone owners and it’s freaking a lot of them out. Their device is telling them that their Apple ID has been locked even though they haven’t done anything to justify a lock-out.

Apple usually shuts down access to an account if someone unsuccessfully tries to sign into an ID too many times with a wrong password. It allows folks back in if they correctly answer security questions and enter a trusted phone number. It sometimes asks owners to reset their passwords.

Apple ID Lockout

This is all fine if someone has legitimately entered the wrong code multiple times, but it’s strange when it happens for no reason. Several iPhone users have taken to social media to complain that when they go to Settings, iOS tells them that their Apple ID settings must be updated.

Tapping on the alert sends them to a new window which informs them that “Your Apple ID has been locked for security reasons. To unlock it, you must verify your identity.” Anyone who ignores this warning could lose access to linked services like iMessage, Apple Music, and iCloud.

Under normal circumstances, the update screen just requires folks to re-enter their password. In this case though, users say their Apple ID has actually gotten frozen. 9to5Mac suggests that this might a serious security breach involving a group of hackers who are trying to brute-force their way into iPhone accounts.

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It’s possible the attackers have a set of Apple IDs and are in the process of trying to guess passwords, hence the wave of people getting notifications. There’s also a chance this is just a bug which can be resolved with a software update.

We won’t know for sure until Apple says something about the matter. It should swing into action soon since iPhone security is not something it typically takes lightly.