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iPhone falls 1000 feet out of a plane, survives

iPhone Plane
Image Credit: WHO TV

We’ve heard about iPhones surviving drops before, but it’s not often the handset falls from an airplane and lives to tell the tale. That’s exactly what happened to an iPhone in the US on July 3.

As reported by WHO TV, two friends decided to hop on a vintage biplane in Iowa that day. One of them, Sarvinder Naberhaus, decided to take out her iPhone to click photos. To her horror, it got caught in the wind and blew away, plummeting roughly 1000 feet to the ground. Naturally, the pilot told her that the smartphone was lost forever.

Find My iPhone Comes To The Rescue

Naberhaus still decided to go ahead and hunt for it by using Apple’s Find My iPhone tool. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. Not giving up, she decided to try for a second time before buying a new device. Strangely enough, her second attempt was successful.

She followed the trail until she finally found her iPhone hidden within some tall grass. Shockingly, it apparently didn’t have a single scratch on it and even displayed a notification about a meeting. Part of this might be attributed to the case protecting the handset though, as seen in the image above.

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It’s not clear which iPhone model she owns. A home button can be seen, so it’s definitely not the iPhone X. There are also round volume up/down buttons, just like the iPhone SE or iPhone 5S. This isn’t the first iPhone to try death-defying stunts from a plane.

Back in 2015, a Texas man hit headlines when he claimed that he had dropped his iPhone about 9000 feet from a plane. He managed to locate it on the ground, alive and well.

iPhones have also survived being drowned. An iPhone 7 was recently discovered in England in working condition after living amongst fishes for 2 days under 30 feet of water.

SourceWHO TV