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7 Best iPhone Earbuds

Best iPhone Earbuds

Our 7 best iPhone earbuds lineup booms forth to provide aural delights that would aid audiophiles in shielding themselves against all unwanted background noises. May it be a nagging boss, demanding spouse or just the infernal traffic horns emitting abysmal sounds, the following list of earphones offers refuge and brings musical bliss to not only the mind, but the soul as well. Besides that, if it’s handsfree connectivity you want, then the options we’ve laid out will cater to that aspect, offering you a seamless way to stay in touch with loved ones.

1 – Beats by Dr. Dre Tour ControlTalk:

Tour ControlTalk

The Beats by Dr. Dre Tour ControlTalk is noted to be a pair of in-ear headphones that boast of incorporating the same attributes featured in the original Tour. However, this particular entrant brings forth integrated Monster ControlTalk for easily tweaking the controls of your music while enjoying high quality handsfree calling. Volume, play, pause and tracking actions can all be carried out via the quick playback control options. This eliminates the need to reach for your iPhone sitting comfy in the pocket or bag, just to make any desired adjustment. Moreover, a high grade mic and sound isolating headphones complete the entire ensemble.

Price: $149.95

2 – Klipsch Image X10i:

Klipsch Image X10i

According to the makers of the Klipsch Image X10i, our next audio peripheral in the array of iPhone earbuds possesses one of the world’s lightest and smallest in-ear headphone designs. Embedded with micro technology, the audio accessory claims to offer a comfortable listening experience with its oval ear tips. Furthermore, there is a 3-button remote and advanced 360-degree mic for controlling music and taking calls through the Apple handset.

Every note is clearly belted out thanks to the inclusion of the enhanced bass response and noise isolation. There are durable cables complete with integrated strain relief, enabling you to easily crumple and stuff the earphones into the pocket without inflicting damage upon it.

Price: $299

3 – Shure SE425:

Shure SE425

The Shure SE425 sound isolating earphones feature dual high definition micro drivers among other interesting aspects that are touted to bring forth quality audio. Balanced sound is acquired as the company embeds the aural accessory with a dedicated woofer and tweeter.

The highlight of the audio solution seems to be the durable Kevlar reinforced cable which can be detached and easily replaced for a comfortable fit. Further providing a stylish appeal is the gold-plated MMCX connector that includes a lock-snap mechanism for 360-degree rotation.

Price: $349.99

4 – Etymotic hf3:

Etymotic hf3

The high performance noise isolating earphones dubbed the Etymotic hf3 strides next into the lineup of iPhone earbuds. Infused with ACCU-Driver technology, the device touts to deliver a response accuracy of 85% or better from 20Hz – 15kHz. Besides endowing owners with a great listening experience, it also rolls out with a close proximity, high sensitivity microphone for seamless communication with friends and family.

Fashioned for the iPhone among others devices, the peripheral also addresses the comfort level by unveiling an assortment of ACCU.Fit eartips that include noise isolating attributes. To give it an elegant appearance, the company has drenched the Etymotic hf3 with a soft touch finish and served it in a choice of three hues, namely cobalt, black and ruby.

Price: $142

5 – Jays a-Jays Four:

Jays a-Jays Four

With the Jays a-Jays Four earphones, the company claims to put ‘you in control’. The earbuds burst forth with flat tangle-free cables that are great for audiophiles who love to listen to their music while on the move. To further compliment the audio peripheral, there is a full featured three-button remote for tweaking various things without having to actually touch your iPhone. The Jays a-Jays Four sports a sleek design that blends perfectly with the Apple handset. You need not shed a bead of sweat if you’re contemplating on whether these stylish studs would fit your ear canals. Putting these queries to rest, the company has revealed a selection of sleeves in five different sizes.

Price: $56

6 – Sennheiser IE 8:

Sennheiser IE 8

Extending forth into the acclaimed IE series is the Sennheiser IE 8 ear-canal phones. Through this audio gadget, you can easily fine-tune the bass response as per required. The company provides a durable housing along with an interchangeable cable that varies in lengths and configurations. A high noise attenuation of up to 26dB can be expected with a wide variety of ear adapters. On purchase, a protective case that includes replaceable dry salt pads will be handed to you. This comes in quite handy for maintaining the constant level of humidity during storage.

Price: $339.99

7 – Skullcandy 2011 50/50:

Skullcandy 2011 50 50

The final audio solution in our roster of iPhone earbuds is the Skullcandy 2011 50/50 composite earphone that is ‘half mic, half bud and all boom’, as mentioned by the company. Nicknamed the unruly 50/50 bud, it forays onto the scene with an 11mm driver, snazzy fit, deep base and rich sounds. Furthermore, the accessory is dressed in a 50/50 polycarbonate backside that blends with the aluminum front. The 2-piece composite bud provides potential owners with a pair of silicone gel sizes and a nylon or mesh carry case. What sets these earbuds apart from the rest is the wide selection of colors and patterns. Some of the options available are vintage road, shoe blue, rasta, and lurker green/black among others.

Price: $49.99

‘Music is what feelings sound like’ and what better way to express your emotions than with a set of earphones plucked right out from our list of the best iPhone earbuds. Do let us know which of the above audio solutions made their way into your ears and had you grooving all night long.

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