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Best iPhone Compass Apps

Best iPhone Compass Apps

Why a best iPhone compass apps list, you may ask. Doesn’t the iPhone’s integrated digital compass work just fine? Of course it does, but there are numerous third-party apps loaded with such interesting and powerful features that you’d really be ignorant if you didn’t have a look. We aren’t maneuvering you to run through our iPhone compass apps list for nothing. You will be surprised, in fact to know how limited the built-in compass app is, after you’ve run through some popular apps by other developers. Here’s our choice of the five best compass apps for the iPhone. Read on.

1 – Digital Compass

Digital Compass iPhone

Coupled with the high-resolution Retina display of the iPhone 4, the Digital Compass app is both, easy-to-read and use. Along with coughing up the heading display like North, Southwest etc in a more legible manner, the application also offers your current location’s Latitude and Longitude in a jiffy. In addition to this, the Digital Compass for the iPhone is capable of displaying the type of compass you select – whether it’s magnetic, true north or any other kind. Version 2.2 of this application is further loathed with iOS 5 compatibility and a much faster way to alter the compass type. The application is available for free through iTunes.

2 – Compass 54 Pro

Compass 54 Pro

The closest an application could come to a real compass and hence in our best iPhone compass apps rundown, Compass 54 Pro reveals orientation in real-time to a magnetic field. Helping you accurately search for usable information, the application includes not just a compass but a handful of other essential attributes. With features like location for the complete dope on coordinates, speed and altitude, the application also packs in all you need to know about the weather. Boasting of an ability to effortlessly switch between a 12-hour and 24-hour format, the application shows off the current date and time too. While the Compass 54 Pro app will put you down by about $0.99, there’s also a Lite version of the application available for free.

3 – City Compass

City Compass iPhone

So you know by now that the compass on the iPhone is not one of the best among the breed. If you’re among the handful that feel lost on a train platform in a new city or are just curious to know what direction your home is in when in a hotel, the City Compass app has been designed keeping your needs in mind. From offering the location of the nearest subway stops to simply showing the closest cities across the world, the application does it all. The best part is that you don’t need internet access to know all of this. On the basis of the direction indicator, City Compass works at providing improved accuracy when on the move. Simply switch on ‘Direction of Travel Always up’ to make the most of this feature. The application is available for free.

4 – nCompass GPS

nCompass GPS iPhone

Next in our best iPhone compass apps list is the fully-featured nCompass GPS app that has been fashioned to take care of almost every compass requirement. With a compass-face that can be customized to include any picture of your choice, the application is upfront about displaying your location in a range of coordinate systems. It will prove particularly useful when trying to locate your vehicle in a parking lot. All you have to do is set your custom north to your existing location. This will enable the application to have the compass point in the direction of your parked car always. There’s also a handy UTM coordinate function that shows you just where you are, proving useful in search operations. The application is priced at $0.99 at the iTunes store.

5 – Spyglass

Spyglass iPhone App

A great toolkit when travelling outdoors, the Spyglass app for the iPhone is both practical and fun. The application is bundled with a truckload of interesting features, adding zing to your outdoor trip. Featuring a high-tech viewfinder, the program lets you transform your device into an enhanced gadget with the GPS, gyroscope, digital compass and accelerometer all in place. Augmented reality navigation is simplified in this application while the Milspec compass is functional in 3D space, irrespective of the orientation.

You can also rest assured about finding and tracking your location in a jiffy. From storing your favorite locations to tracking the positions of celestial bodies, the application does almost everything. The Spyglass is offered at a price of $3.99 from the App Store.

So you have all your adventure gear in place and now a comprehensive best iPhone compass apps list for an outdoor trip. Are you ready to hit the road?


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