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6 Best iPhone Car Mounts

Best iPhone Car Mounts

We have spread out before you a feast of best iPhone car mounts that will do a lot more than just decorate your cockpit.
Whether it’s cruising around town, hitting the hills or simply exploring a new place, there are a few things that are simply a must to tag along for the drive such as a map, mobile phone, and music being some of the essentials. Well, in this day and age, no need to pack all these things individually as the only two devices you would be requiring comes in the form of your handy Apple iPhone and a little help from some innovative and smart car mounts.

1 – TomTom Car Kit:

TomTom Car Kit

Navigate and call. Safely! is the tagline utilized by the company for the TomTom Car Kit. And quite rightly so, safety for you and your co-passengers come first and the features packed into this useful kit certainly addresses this woe. Measuring 127.59mm x 69.36mm x 47.44mm, the accessory weighs just 115g and hence won’t burden your car’s windscreen or dashboard when attached. Endowed with the acclaimed EasyPort mount design, the kit offers an integrated GPS receiver for better GPS performance especially where reception is limited. It charges the handset while driving as well as provides clear spoken turn-by-turn instructions thanks to the built-in speaker. Hands-free calling is also made possible with the extra-sensitive microphone and speaker.

Price: £79.99

2 – GOgroove FlexSmart 4i:

GoGroove FlexSmart 4i

The next beauty on our bag of iPhone car mounts is the GOgroove FlexSmart 4i which is noted to be a car mount system flanked with Hi-Fi FM transmitter and charger for Apple iPhone. Multitasking at its core, it includes a user-friendly frequency finder along with a flexible neck and rotating head for better visibility while drifting through the dunes. The Flexpod has the ability to plug into the DC car outlet and tightly grip the iPhone with its adjustable locking arms, cushioned rubber grips and non-slip rest. Furthermore, owners can make frequency amendments with ease through the four preset channels and LED display located on the front itself.

Price on Amazon: $39.99

3 – Kensington SoundWave Sound Amplifying Car Mount:

Kensington SoundWave

Music can be your best friend and help beat even the worst traffic jam during peak hours by simply ringing through your car. Well, the Kensington SoundWave sound amplifying car mount aids users enhance the sound of their iPhone speaker. It can be firmly attached to the windshield or vent for better accessibility. While resounding with acoustic bliss, the product sees to it that additional strain doesn’t take a toll on the battery life. Fashioned with the ability to rotate in portrait and landscape modes, it also has flexible arms for easy insertion and removal of the iPhone, and with one hand at that.

Price: $39.99

4 – Magellan Premium Car Kit:

Magellan Car Kit

The Magellan Premium Car Kit can do some hocus-pocus and change your iPhone into an innovative 3-in-1 GPS vehicle navigation solution. Integrated with a GPS receiver, the device in our list of iPhone car mounts claims to work with many turn by turn applications out in the market such as the Magellan RoadMate for iPhone app. If you suddenly find that you’re a long way from home, office or a friend’s dwelling place and the handset battery is starting to drain, all you have to do is slip the device into the cradle and connect the power. The company further boasts of providing an enhanced hands-free calling experience with Bluetooth.

Price: $99.99

5 – Arkon IPM511 Sun Visor Mount:

Arkon IPM511

The IPM511: Sun Visor Mount for iPhone featuring the Arkon slim-grip phone holder is our next pick for this list of iPhone car mounts. The device comes packed with the company’s sun visor mounting pedestal as well as the AP2T17MM and SP-SBH-KIT 360° swivel adapter. Owners can take advantage of its laterally adjustable support legs along with a spring-loaded mechanism which ensures that the iPhone is comfortably nestled even through those nasty bumps strewn across the road. The stylish, highly functional holder further appeal to car owners as it is tagged with an affordable price.

Price: $19.95

6 – Spiderpodium:


We kept the best, ergonomic iPhone mount for your vehicle last on our list. Simplicity goes a long way and what better product portrays this attribute than Spiderpodium from Breffo. Any angle, any position, it’s up to you to decide how this little bendy arachnid can be mounted in your car. The travel dock can be gripped, hung or laid on the floor, all the while keeping your iPhone in good hands. The flexible nature allows the handset to be swiveled in any desired direction. While most mounts fashioned for cars only have the capability to hang in specific spots, the ingenious Spiderpodium can even be attached to the back of a seat for your friends to enjoy the iPhone or any other such device at their comfort level. It also comes drenched in two shades namely, black and white which co-incidentally match the color of your Apple device.

Price: £14.99

Style statement or functionality quotient, why compromise on both? The above mentioned best iPhone car mounts perfectly integrate both aspects to provide owners with a great look while fulfilling their needs. As The Doors belt it out in their hit track ‘Roadhouse Blues’, we urge you too to “Keep your eyes on the road and your hand upon the wheel!” Well, we guess you can spare a limb for easily accessing your iPhone sitting plush next to you.