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7 iPhone Board Games

Best iPhone Board Games

iPhone board games add a tech twist to famous traditional delights. Board games are looked upon as great entertainers which bring the whole family together. But with technology seeping into our lives, these types of games have taken a back seat of sorts. However thanks to various developers, traditional titles have sparked back to life on portable devices like the Android, iPhone and iPad. Their electronic counterparts are infused with many familiar elements as well as a few new ones.

1 – Words With Friends Free:

Words With Friends Free

Word games such as scrabble, boggle or hangman among others have always been a favorite with many. But when it comes to the virtual terrain, Words With Friends Free is one of the best options in that category. And no need to go too deep into the rule books as it incorporates the same crossword gameplay that you all know and love. This title comes complete with a turn-table design where up to 20 games can be played simultaneously.

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You can either take on your friends or even a random opponent to see whose emerges as the word wizard. Jump onto Facebook to see which of your other pals have been bitten by the letter bug as well. In-game chat messaging is also enabled for keeping in touch with loved ones. And as the title suggests, Words With Friends Free can be picked up without shelling out a single penny.

2 – Battle by ships 20×20:

Battle by ships 20x20

Remember all those fun hours spent in trying to sink your friend’s battleships by screaming out alphabets and numbers? Well, you and your buddies can now indulge in the same seafaring excitement through Battle by ships 20×20. Although the classic sea battle game gets a new twist, the aim of the title still remains the same. Your mission is to seek and destroy enemy vessels before they can annihilate your fleet. In this version, your half a dozen battleships now possess advanced weaponry which enables you to fire 4 squares at one go. In order to acquire this entrant in our board games list, you would have to part with a little less than $2. ‘Only one fleet will survive. Will it be yours?’

3 – Checkers – Free:

Checkers Free

When you were young, your grandparents or parents might have taught you how to play the game of Checkers on a good old fashioned 8 x 8 squared board. This same title now leaps onto the Apple handset tagged with a price that reads $0. That’s right. No need to open your purse or wallet in order to procure this one. It includes a trio of modes namely, English Draughts, Flying Kings and International. Each of the 3 adds a new spin to the game. This virtual rendition of Checkers can be played with two opponents seated on either sides of the board. You have to move the pieces diagonally across the surface to land on unoccupied squares. Capturing is a must here.

4 – Mahjong Deluxe Free:

Mahjong Deluxe Free

Another free title makes its way to our board games roster and this time, it bears the name of Mahjong Deluxe Free. This solitaire gem is sprinkled with classic Chinese game elements and transports you to the land of the ancient orient. The in-game pieces are etched with Chinese characters and symbols. The aim here is to get rid of all these tiles and wipe the board clean. There are 56 different puzzle layouts complete with a fresh puzzle each time you play a new game. You can lay out the tiles on any 1 of the 8 various backgrounds provided by the developer. Coupled with great sounds, a new game timer and scoring system, you can dive right into its unique gamplay title anytime, anywhere.

5 – 3D Chess Free:

3D Chess Free

Swirling away from the dreary black and white pawns, the 3D Chess Free game offers you a 3D chess application. This means that you’ll be able to view realistic three-dimensional scenes, piece movements and character models, all on your iPhone touchscreen. The game incorporates the same elements and attributes present in any professional chess game.

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Other features include freely rotating board, realistic sounds, easy to undo moves, 3 difficulty levels, intuitive controls, neat gaming interface and a full-featured help page. There is also a 2-player mode which requires no network connection. Although all these inputs are available in the free version of 3D Chess, the full iteration of the same boasts of an integrated chess clock and 2 more difficulty levels.

6 – The Game Of Life Classic Edition:

The Game Of Life Classic Edition

‘What does the future hold?’ asks EA, the maker of The Game Of Life Classic Edition. Well, the possibilities are endless in this next board games for iPhone array inclusion. The title allows you to sail through a 3D environment packed with lush landscapes and winding roads. Together with your animated tokens, you are called upon to embark on a wonderful journey.

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You can even play with up to 3 friends thanks to the Pass ‘N Play option. For just under $1, you will be able to get a dollop of nostalgia as the entrée and family fun fiesta as the main course.

7 – Board Games:

Board Games

Claiming to be the ultimate game collection, this app has an impressive list of titles. It includes games such as Draughts, Snakes and ladders, Ludo, Ludo Classic, Ludo Deluxe, BackGammon, Spanish Juego De La Oca. Each of these games can be enjoyed by 2 players or more. With an elegant UI, animated dice and colorful boards, this application is an excellent choice for porting along while on the go. Like The Game Of Life Classic Edition, it can also be purchased for just $0.99. And according to the developer, there are more titles in the pipeline, so keep you game face on.

Watching your friends and family members’ eyes light up with joy is indeed a priceless spectacle. And that’s what you’re going to be blessed with when you download any of the aforementioned titles. You can even keep your bucks safely in the confines of your wallet as most of the iPhone board games can be procured absolutely free of cost. Do let us know which ones revived the idea of ‘family fun nights’ in your household.