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7 Best iPhone Background Apps

Best iPhone Background Apps

The best iPhone background apps seated in our list, offer a plethora of solutions to brighten up your Apple handset. The various applications strewn across this roster is all set to breathe life into the device, allowing you to express your emotions and imagination through your trusty iPhone. These various background options range from cute wallpapers and pleasant scenery to 3D goodness and glowing delights. Our lineup has all the ingredients necessary to spice up the dreary backdrop and icons.

1 – 100,000+ Wallpapers Free:

100000 Wallpapers Free

The 100,000+ Wallpapers Free option in our iPhone background apps roster spoils you for choice as it provides a large collection of high quality wallpapers spanning across more than 20 categories. These include abstract, animals, 3D, food, cars, holidays, skies, nature, textures, space and travel among other exciting topics. Furthermore, there is a daily online update for acquiring more offerings for the handset. Seen something you like and want to share it with friends? Well, this app also allows you to save and send across these delights via email. With the wide selection of choices, your iDevice is slated to always have a fresh appearance.

Price: Free

2 – Topping Pro:

Topping Pro

As the name Topping Pro suggests, this app goes one step further by enabling you to dress your homescreen with not only wallpapers but unique character designs as well through the ‘Toppings’ option. This user-friendly software allows you to simply drag the desired ‘Toppings’ that expand as per your finger movements. And with the intuitive user interface, all the toppings can be reset by just shaking the iPhone. All the wallpapers featured here are fashioned by a professional visual designer. The app is further updated with more backgrounds that exhibit the spirit of the holiday season.

Price: $0.99

3 – 3D Wallpapers & Backgrounds:

3D Wallpapers and Backgrounds

With the 3D Wallpapers & Backgrounds app embedded in your phone, you can grab hold of astonishing pictures that would certainly keep you feeling mind-boggled all day long. No need to don those special 3D glasses for viewing these delights. You can experience easy access with simple swipe, zoom and pinch actions for selecting your favorite ones and then saving them to the handset. These 3D photos can be either be saved to a contact or shared with loved ones via email. Taking advantage of the iPhone’s Retina display are the one million images that are strewn across over 100 different categories.

Price: Free

4 – Amazing Glow Backgrounds:

Amazing Glow Backgrounds

From 3D, we now move onto glowing offerings that emerge forth via the Amazing Glow Backgrounds app. Waving goodbye to simple iPhone wallpapers, the next entrant in the iPhone background apps list brings to the portable device, wallpapers and effects that are all aglow. It is touted to add a touch of style to your screen while allowing you to seamlessly customize and personalize the homescreen glow wallpapers which can then be sent to friends and family. All of this can also be carried forth at a fast pace as the high quality Retina display images load quickly onto your phone.

Price: $2.99

5 – iWallpapers HD:

iWallpapers HD

Through the iWallpapers HD app, you can expect more than 10,000 640 x 960 HD wallpapers and backgrounds as well as over 160,000 320 x 480 wallpapers. These photos’ themes range from foreign cultures to pop culture, plucked from all across the globe and ported directly to your handset. Arriving with various features in tow, it lets users play slideshows, download pictures for offline use and even rate individual ones. There is also in-app feedback for user questions and the ability to upload photos if you wish to earn points for free upgrades.

Price: Free

6 – Eye Illusions and Mind Tricks:

Eye Illusions Mind Tricks

‘Let your eyes and mind play tricks on you’ is the tagline of the next iPhone background apps candidate dubbed as the Eye Illusions and Mind Tricks app. There are loads of pictures set to tease you and your friends in the form of eye tricks, optical illusions or confusing imagery. The software further provides you with home and lock screen previews for displaying just how your desired illusion would look like when drawn upon these areas. New photos are added on a daily basis for providing a smile across your face at least once every day.

Price: Free

7 – Funny Pics in One:

Funny Pics in One

The Funny Pics in One offering swerves away from the other serious ones that feature in our basket of iPhone background apps. They say laughter is the best medicine, so why not stock up on a whole bottle of hilarious apps that would tickle your funny bone every time you interact with your iPhone? There are more than 6,000 funny pictures that can be viewed and saved as your background for your daily dose of entertainment. Spread the cheer this holiday season by sending comical photos to friends and family by means of email or social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter.

Price: Free

Our lineup of the best iPhone background apps mostly comprises of free software options, which means it won’t even cost you a penny to let your personality show all over the handset. Do fill us in on which apps found a home in your Apple device.