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iPhone 9 may actually be the iPhone SE 2

iPhone 9 Concept
Image Credit: Martin Hajek/iDrop News

We’ve been hearing a lot about the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone AKA iPhone 9 over the past few months, but it seems there was a key detail missing from all these rumors. Apple is apparently going to fit the handset with its 2-year-old A10 processor and not the latest A12 one.

This is pretty surprising news if true. As spotted by Russian site Hi-Tech Mail, developer Guilherme Rambo has found evidence of this in Apple’s Xcode software. He discovered references to the iPhone 9 within the code such as “iPhone xx”, “iPhone9.7”, and “LCP, model N84.”

iPhone 9 Leaked Specs

As per Xcode, the iPhone 9 will have an A10 chip and DCI-P3 LCD display. Past leaks have confirmed that it’s going to look like a notched iPhone 8 with a full-screen design and Face ID. Putting all this in perspective, it’s possible the smartphone is actually a spiritual successor to the iPhone SE.

To recall, the original iPhone SE mimicked the body of a previous-gen iPhone (the iPhone 5S) and used the A9 SoC of another (the iPhone 6S). Similarly, it looks like the iPhone 9 is borrowing the design of the iPhone 8/X and combining it with the iPhone 7’s A10 chipset.

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The same report claims Apple is going to price the iPhone 9 at about $600 (roughly Rs 41922). Others have predicted a higher $699 (approx Rs 48839) cost. The phone is additionally expected to feature 3GB of RAM, a single rear camera, and dual-SIM support. It may come in a variety of colors.

The iPhone SE 2 has repeatedly been showing up over the past year, with some guessing it will run on the iPhone 7’s processor and look like the iPhone X. If the new report is true, it seems Apple isn’t sticking to its classic 4-inch form factor.

It would be best to take these rumors with a pinch of salt since it’s too early to tell if it’s accurate. We’ll let you know if anything comes out of the woodwork over the next couple of weeks.