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iPhone 9 to adopt Full Active LCD display, arrive in November

iPhone 9 Render
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The 6.1-inch LCD iPhone AKA iPhone 9 is turning out to be a pretty interesting device, what with rumors claiming it’s going to offer the best of the iPhone X at a lower price tag. A new Macotakara report sheds some more light on Apple’s budget iPhone and offers its thoughts on a release date.

The majority of the article focuses on the next iPad Pro, but there’s some intriguing information about the iPhone 9 too. According to supply chain sources, Apple is going to adopt Japan Display’s Full Active LCD panel. The screen is apparently going to feature the latter’s “Japan Pixel Eyes” touch sensor system.

iPhone 9 Display Features

Pixel Eyes technology basically allows devices to go without an external touch layer at the top, making the LCD display thinner and lighter. As for the Full Active LCD tech, it lets handsets maintain narrow bezels of up to 0.5mm, much lower than the iPhone X’s 1mm border.

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We’re not sure how thin the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone’s bezels are going to get. Recent rumors have indicated that it might be thicker than its OLED siblings. This new report contradicts that assertion, but it does echo other concerns.

While Apple supposedly began mass production in July, it’s said to be facing difficulties in the process with just a 1% complete rate. The parties concerned think the smartphone won’t start shipping until November at the earliest. This is clearly very late as the device will probably get announced in September.

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Previous speculation has also claimed that the iPhone 9’s LCD screen is causing problems, but it’s not clear just how long the delay is going to be. Some say October, others say November.

Then there are the few who say nothing is going to change and all 3 iPhones will hit stores at the same time. We’ll see who’s proven right when September rolls around.

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