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iPhone 9 might get delayed to November

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The so-called iPhone 9 AKA 6.1-inch LCD iPhone might not arrive at the same time as its OLED siblings. That’s according to a new note by BayStreet Research founding partner Cliff Maldonado which was highlighted by PCMag.

As per Maldonado, the iPhone 9, iPhone 11, and iPhone 11 Plus are all going to be launched on September 11. However, only the latter two are apparently going to be released on September 21. The low-cost option will have to wait until November 2 to hit shelves.

Reasons Behind iPhone 9 Delay

We’ve heard about the iPhone 9 being delayed before due to production problems related to the LCD screen. It’s the first time Apple is placing its Face ID system onto an LCD panel and the process has reportedly been difficult.

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However, reports also claimed that things would settle down by the time September rolled by and all 3 new iPhones would get released at the same time with no postponements. Maldonado has a very different take on the situation.

He believes that Apple is delaying the iPhone 9 for marketing reasons. It supposedly wants the more expensive iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Plus to have some time of their own before the cheaper model comes along and takes up a majority of sales.

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Maldonado doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with the iPhone 9 from a production perspective. He thinks Apple’s average selling price (ASP) is the issue here. Since the entry-level iPhone may sell the most units, the company wants to keep its ASPs up by making the iPhone 11 pair available first and increasing their sales.

While all this makes sense from a theoretical perspective, none of it is backed up by any solid evidence. It would be best to take the dates with a pinch of salt up until something more substantial pops up in the future.

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