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iPhone 9 pictured in 4 new colors with dual-SIM support

LCD iPhone Colors
Image Credit: Slashleaks

One of the most interesting things to come out of the iPhone rumor cycle is the claim that Apple is going to make its budget 6.1-inch LCD iPhone AKA iPhone 9 a lot more colorful. Nobody knows for sure which paint jobs will make the cut, but a new leak has some answers.

Slashleaks has uploaded a couple of iPhone 9 dummy model photos which show it off in a number of shades. There’s a white option, a rose gold-ish one, a very dark blue choice, and a deep red stunner. Renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had previously suggested orange and yellow as well.

LCD iPhone SIM
Image Credit: Slashleaks

The images above can’t be taken as definitive proof since they’re not the real deal. Still, the snapshots provide a solid clue as to what Apple’s planning with the entry-level iPhone. Rumors so far have suggested glass backs (for wireless charging) and aluminum frames, both of which can be spotted in the dummy models.

6.1-inch LCD iPhone Dual-SIM Support

Then there’s the big update expected this year – dual-SIM support. The rose gold iPhone 9 is seen with a dual-SIM slot next to it, allowing users to fit in two of their SIM cards. This setup might only be possible in China though. The rest of the world may get a single SIM slot and a virtual SIM option.

China doesn’t allow Apple SIMs to work in the country, hence the special model for the market. The iPhone Xs Max might get dual-SIM support as well. The premium choice and its sibling, the iPhone Xs, are also getting a new color choice – gold. Official-looking renders of the devices recently got leaked and revealed what the gold option looks like.

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The leak doesn’t provide a look at the front of the iPhone 9, so we’ll just have to assume it’s going to have a notch and LCD screen. All will be revealed on September 12.