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iPhone 8’s Face ID to work in millionths of a second

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With hopes for an under-glass Touch ID solution all but extinguished, everyone’s attention has shifted to the new Face ID tech Apple might be using instead. Many have expressed doubts about its efficiency compared to a fingerprint scanner.

Here to clear those doubts is a new Korea Herald report which claims that Face ID will be equipped with 3D sensors to deeply sense a person’s face in millionths of a second. This sounds encouraging, although it should be noted that no source was cited so the accuracy of the information is up in the air.

The article is backed up by a recent Wall Street Journal report which delves into the capabilities of such infrared setups. According to the publication, depth-sensing technology sprays thousands of tiny infrared dots across an individual’s face. The camera then gathers superaccurate depth information by reading the distortions amongst the dots.

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The iPhone 8’s camera would therefore be able to unlock the handset even in the dark since it would be able to see the infrared dots even when people can’t. A previous report had alleged that Face ID would work even if the device was lying flat on a table.

The Korea Herald also spoke about Apple’s switch to OLED for its tenth anniversary phone. It asserts that the brand won’t be opting for a dual-curved screen like Samsung, preferring a flat display instead. A source familiar with the matter says that the new panel has been favored because it’s thinner and lighter compared to LCD ones.

Samsung’s apparently having a tough time meeting Apple’s demands. The iPhone 8 will probably be in short supply as a result, at least in the beginning.