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iPhone 8 to sport revolutionary 3D selfie camera

iPhone 8 Concept

The iPhone’s selfie camera has been nothing to boast about in the years since the original was launched. However, this state of affairs is all set to change if a new report from KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo turns out to be true.

Kuo claims that the premium OLED iPhone 8 is going to be equipped with a revolutionary front-facing shooter and infrared module which can sense the 3D space in front of it. The two will apparently be able to work in collusion to merge depth data with 2D photos. This could be used to introduce things like 3D selfies, face recognition, and iris scanning.

There’s also talk of the secondary snapper being used in AR-based apps and games which can replace a character’s head with a user’s. Apple is reportedly going to take advantage of algorithms developed by PrimeSense to detect the location and depth of objects within the iPhone 8’s view.

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The iPhone 7 Plus notably has its own form of depth discovery courtesy its dual-camera setup. Kuo asserts that the iPhone 8’s selfie lens will be much more advanced than this thanks to there being a dedicated infrared transmitter and receiver. The module’s 3D system sends IR signals outwards from the handset and detects the signals that arrive back using a 1.4MP IR receiver.

Apple seems to have joined hands with Sony for the front camera and Foxconn/Sharp for the IR receiver. It’s supposedly using Lumentum’s vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser technology for the infrared transmitter. Kuo predicts that the brand will eventually add 3D abilities to its rear shooters in the future, perhaps leading to the elimination of twin snappers.

Kuo went on to state that Apple was light years ahead of main rival Android when it came to 3D algorithms. He thinks this will make the advanced 3D camera sensor an iPhone-exclusive feature for a few years.