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iPhone 8 to skip support for gigabit LTE data speeds

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The iPhone 8 will probably sport the very best of cutting-edge technology, but there’s one next-gen feature which it may not support. Bloomberg reports that Apple’s next crop of smartphones won’t boast of gigabit LTE download speeds.

Network upgrades have made it possible for carriers like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint to market speeds 100 faster than before. However, the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, and iPhone 8 probably won’t join the party because of Apple’s complicated relationship with Qualcomm, leaving the 3 to lag behind rivals in terms of data performance.

Apple currently sources its parts from Qualcomm and Intel. The former has modems capable of 1GB/s speeds, while the latter is working on chips with the same capabilities, but probably won’t have it ready in time for the iPhone 8’s launch.

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This disparity was seen last year as well with the iPhone 7’s arrival. Apple chose not to take full advantage of the speeds offered by the Qualcomm chip in order to make it at-par with the Intel one. Insiders claim the firm is repeating the same strategy this year as well.

Actually getting 1GB/s speeds calls for optimal signal conditions that are difficult to replicate outside of a lab. Still, the fact that devices like the Galaxy S8, HTC U11, and possibly Moto Z2 will be capable of the very fastest data speeds ahead of the iPhone could give consumers pause.

Apple probably won’t allow its handsets to reach gigabit heights up until Intel catches up with Qualcomm. While this keeps things fair between iPhone owners, it puts them at a disadvantage to Android users.