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iPhone 8, Galaxy S8 to sport IP68 water resistance

iPhone 7 Waterproof

The Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 will likely have at least one thing in common when the two come out later this year. Both are apparently going to boast of the highest level of dust and water resistance.

The Galaxy S7 already ships with IP68 certification and the iPhone 7 with an IP67 rating. The former guarantees the Samsung phone can survive being dunked under 1.5m of water for up to half an hour. The latter promises that the Apple handset will be able to withstand being submerged 1m underwater for 30 minutes.

While the Galaxy S8 is probably going to continue its predecessor’s legacy when it comes to surviving liquid attacks, the iPhone 8 is going to receive a significant upgrade. An industry source told The Investor that the device will be IP68-rated. The move is rumored to be a part of the company’s blueprint for drastic upgrades to mark the tenth anniversary of the original iPhone.

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Another insider believes that Samsung is thinking of extending water protection beyond upper-tier handsets to its cheapest J series of smartphones, notable for being its best-selling Galaxy offerings. The South Korean giant and Apple are probably going to use waterproof tapes to shield its products.

Tapes supposedly make repair work easier compared to adhesives. Even LG is reportedly going to join the fray by equipping the G6 with defenses against water. Fueling these rumors is the fact that the company had unveiled an IP68-certified mid-range phone called the XCalibur at CES 2017.