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iPhone 8 may sport Smart Connector for charging, augmented reality

iPhone 8 Concept Back

One of the more interesting rumors about the iPhone 7 from before the handset went official was that it would carry a Smart Connector. As it turned out, the smartphone didn’t have one after all. However, the component has now surfaced again, with an Israeli blog claiming that the next iPhone will feature the part.

The 3-dot Smart Connector is currently only present on Apple’s iPad Pro. It’s used for linking the Smart Keyboard to the tablet, transferring both data and power. The Verifier predicts that the brand will place the Smart Connector on the iPhone 8 to allow for inductive charging and VR/AR accessory support.

Numerous reports have predicted that the upcoming iPhone will feature wireless charging, but none have come to a consensus as to how this would happen. A Smart Connector may perhaps result in an Apple Watch-like configuration which combines Magsafe technology with inductive charging.

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The publication also believes that the Smart Connector will be used for linking AR or VR accessories. Moreover, a new Apple TV and AirPlay technology is apparently going to have something to do with the company’s augmented reality ambitions.

While a Smart Connector on the back of the iPhone 8 is a viable possibility, it can’t be taken as fact yet since there’s no way to prove the report’s claims. It may just turn out to be a wrong assumption given how things turned out with the iPhone 7 last year.

The iPhone 8 may or may not be announced in September alongside the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. The premium option has apparently gotten delayed because of technical challenges related to its new 3D sensing technology.