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iPhone 8 may sport 6.5-inch screen, higher resolution

iPhone 8 Size
iPhone 7 vs iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7 Plus. Image Credit: iDrop News

Apple’s accidental HomePod leak continues to dominate headlines as intrepid sleuths dive deeper into the speaker’s firmware for clues about the iPhone 8. Rumors in the past have alleged that the handset is going to be bigger and feature a higher resolution screen, and there’s now evidence of this buried among the lines of code.

Developer Steve Troughton-Smith has once again tweeted about his finds, claiming that the next iPhone will have a 3x Retina screen with a resolution of 1125 x 2436p. A Reddit user also found sentences like ‘3xRetina6.5Inch’ and ‘1125x2436x3x326’ in the dyld cache of the HomePod.

Based on the code, it’s possible that the iPhone 8 will boast of a 6.5-inch panel. This is considerably bigger than the 5.8-inch size predicted by others. If Apple does indeed plan on supersizing its iPhone lineup, the smartphone will feature a pixel density of 412ppi.

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However, if Apple is sticking to a 5.8-inch size, the resolution will be a considerably higher 521ppi. This was suggested by noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo back in February this year. At the time, he stated that the phone would devote a certain portion of the bottom to a Function Area, leaving out 5.1-inch for an active display area.

The Reddit leakster also uncovered some interesting lines pertaining to Pearl ID, Apple’s codename for its facial recognition feature. He posted a series of messages which could appear when trying to enroll a face such as Too close to camera, Too far from camera, Multiple faces in view, Bright light on camera, Face found!, and No face in view.