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iPhone 8 may not be delayed, now entering trial production

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Just days after a report claimed that the iPhone 8 was not getting delayed, frequent leakster Benjamin Geskin has backed up this assertion in a tweet. According to his source, Foxconn has begun trial production of the 3 new iPhones expected this year.

Roughly 200 units are apparently being spit out per day. In a separate tweet, Geskin claimed that the fingerprint reader was located underneath the display during testing. However, it’s not clear if the test was triumphant since he says that ‘maybe’ Apple had conducted the evaluation successfully.

As pointed out by OnLeaks, Geskin had previously taken to Twitter back in June to claim that mass production of the iPhone 8, iPhone 7s, and iPhone 7s Plus had started. The latter’s most recent tweet appears to contradict this since it claims Apple has kickstarted trial production in July.

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Geskin explained away this disparity by commenting that his June source may have been referring to mass production schematics. He also admitted that this was his mistake. OnLeaks dismissed this reasoning by stating that mass production didn’t begin in June and the PVT or trial process started weeks ago.

In any case, the iPhone 8 will probably come out in September in limited quantities. Apple is apparently facing a host of problems right now in relation to its production. OLED panels are said to be hard to come by and iOS software bugs are supposedly causing engineers and designers to work feverishly with a sense of panic in the air.

According to Fast Company, the main concern plaguing the iPhone 8 team is making wireless charging and 3D face recognition play nice with iOS. It’s possible the handset will be released without the two in hand. Apple may instead roll the duo out to consumers in iOS 11.1 at a later point in time.