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iPhone 8 may get delayed due to 3D sensing tech

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Image Credit: Martin Hajek

The iPhone 8’s launch timeline is quickly becoming one of the most contentious topics of discussion in the rumor world. Some say it’s gotten massively delayed to November, while others contend it’ll be available in limited quantities in September but quickly go out of stock.

A new report has now added its own take on the matter, favoring the latter scenario more than the former. As per Drexel Hamilton and longtime Apple analyst Brian White, the iPhone 8 will go up for pre-orders in September alongside the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus.

However, his contact strongly believes that the iPhone 8 will probably be delayed by several weeks, so deliveries won’t begin until much later. Still, units may come into stock in time for the December holidays. The main reason given for this postponement is that Apple is facing challenges related to its new 3D sensing technology.

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White notes that the situation could improve in the future since it’s only April. He’s currently in Taiwan gathering information via a smartphone contact who’s following Apple’s supply chain data points. This lends a dash of authenticity to the assertion, though it can’t be taken as fact until more information emerges.

All in all, the varying reports all agree that the iPhone 8 is facing manufacturing issues due to new technologies and could get delayed as a result. Customers will likely face a hard time getting their hands on one after it gets announced, whether that’s in September or much later.