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This is what the iPhone 8 could look like

iPhone 8 Concept Front

While iPhone 8 rumors have so far been a mixed bag of widely varying speculation, one common thread among them is a persistent claim that the handset will sport a glass sandwich design with a metal frame to keep the two panes connected. One recent report even alleged that the device would go for a slightly retro look by incorporating the iPhone 4’s stainless steel band.

New concept art by designer Imran Taylor now offers a hint at what this could look like. His take on the iPhone 8 features a narrow flat-sided stainless steel casing that binds together sloping glass on the front and back. He’s branded it the iPhone X. The name first hit the mainstream a few days ago thanks to a report which alleged that it would measure 5.8-inch and sport a fixed-flex wraparound design.

Taylor’s images notably feature a vertical dual camera setup on the back, something which has been suggested on previous occasions. He’s also placed an iPad Pro-esque Smart Connector at the bottom, potentially allowing for things like a keyboard to be seamlessly attached.

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iPhone 8 Concept Back

The concept art also showcases some other intriguing possibilities which have not come up before. For instance, it hints that the iPhone 8’s lower bezel could be used for various touch-based functions depending on the task, similar to the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar. Potential uses include displaying notifications without waking the screen or adjusting zoom when clicking a snap.

The most recent crop of iPhone 8 rumors claims that Apple is going to switch to a new film sensor to improve 3D Touch and introduce a mix of fingerprint and facial recognition for security purposes.

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