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iPhone 8 home button to be resizable

iPhone 8 Design
Image Credit: Benjamin Geskin

The HomePod firmware leak last week uncovered an important aspect of the iPhone 8 which had only been rumored at that point of time – its basic design. Unfortunately, that simple outline didn’t have any specifications to accompany it to give us an exact idea of what the iPhone 8 would look like.

That ends now thanks to the efforts of developer Steve Troughton-Smith. He recently tweeted out the exact metrics used by the status bar on the iPhone 8, including key details like the notch’s height and ear width. Designers quickly got on the case and produced renders of the device based on these findings.

Based on the image above, it seems the notch will take up quite a bit of space, leaving out very little room for text to be displayed on either side. Many have wondered where all the symbols usually found up top will go, with some coming up with creative iPhone 8 mockups to illustrate their solutions.

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Troughton-Smith has also discovered a few lines of code which suggest that the iPhone 8’s home button will be resizable. Users may also be able to hide it, but they won’t be able to change its color. Tab bars apparently extend underneath it. Unfortunately, it’s still not clear what exactly Apple is planning to do with the so-called Function Area surrounding the virtual button.

Having a resizable home button on the iPhone 8 will probably be a boon for people reluctant to let go of their physical one since it’ll offer a certain degree of flexibility. Developer Guilherme Rambo has also come out with a list of features he’s uncovered including the ability to shoot 240fps videos at 1080p, a new Modern HDR tool, and multiple biometric options.