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iPhone 8 to ditch curved screen, offer 256GB storage

iPhone 8 Concept
Image Credit: Moe Slah

The next iPhone has become the subject an in-depth report by market research firm TrendForce, backing up previous claims while adding its own. As per its findings, the handset will be sold in 3 different iterations.

One of these will be an all-new AMOLED iPhone which will take up to 40% of the total production volume for the 2017 series of iPhones. It’s apparently going to be priced at $1000 or higher and be available only in 64GB and 256GB variants. The report also claims that it’ll contain 3GB of RAM and feature 3D Sensing abilities to allow for biometric recognition and AR.

The premium iPhone 8’s AMOLED screen is expected to measure 5.8-inch and output a 2K resolution. However, Apple has supposedly dropped the idea of a curved panel since there are 3D glass issues when it comes to production yield and drop test results. The smartphone will likely feature flat 2.5D glass as a result, just like the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus are expected to.

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The report predicts that the iPhone 8’s display aspect ratio will exceed 2:1 due to the removal of the home button and expansion of usable screen space. It also states that the device’s overall body dimensions will be comparable to the 4.7-inch iPhone in spite of the bigger 5.8-inch panel.

Speaking of the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch next-gen iPhones, the two are probably maxing out at 256GB and carrying LCD displays. The former is likely set to pack 2GB of RAM and the latter 3GB. There’s a strong chance Apple is going to make significant differentiation between the smallest of the bunch and the other two in order to cater to different cost segments.