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iPhone 8 to cost more than $1000

iPhone 8 Concept Back

Speculation so far has suggested that the top-of-the-line iPhone 8 will be Apple’s most expensive handset yet. This claim has now been backed up by a new report which alleges that the device will sell for upwards of $1000.

This falls in line with a previous assertion that the 256GB version of the iPhone 8 will be priced at $1200. The jump has come about as a result of the premium materials and technology like an OLED panel being utilized in the so-called iPhone X. The LCD-sporting iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus are expected to roughly follow the same cost patterns as the current lineup.

A source told Fast Company that the 5.8-inch iPhone 8’s brand new OLED display stretches across the whole front of the phone and will likely cost Apple twice as much as the LCD screen it presently employs. The device might further be getting a memory upgrade from the iPhone 7 series.

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The iPhone X is apparently going to come across as a smooth black monolith with very few visual interruptions. The handset’s borders may be composed of forged stainless steel and its back will probably be made out of glass. Both changes have been rumored several times before.

Apple is supposedly toiling away at ridding the iPhone 8 of its physical Home button. The company wants the component to become something to touch instead of something to press. As per the insider, the tech behind this is still evolving and might involve relocating it to below the surface.

Interestingly, he claims that there’s a chance there won’t be buttons on the side of the iPhone 8. The mainstays could get replaced by touch-sensitive inlays in the metal. He also asserts that Apple is working with Lumentum on 3D-sensing technology. It may be utilized for face recognition, an AR app, or to bring about better image resolution in the camera.

Finally, the iPhone 8 is set to pack a larger battery than the iPhone 7 and feature Intel’s 7480 LTE modem in select models. The source went on to rubbish talk that Apple was accelerating its manufacturing output. Production will probably start up in May and hit the ground running in August.