9 Awesome iPhone 8 Concepts


2017 will be the year Apple introduces a revolutionary new smartphone and call it the iPhone 8. The name is very important. If the company sticks to its usual labeling convention, then the next flagship will be dubbed the iPhone 7S and feature a few improvements over the current variant. 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone; so expectations are running high.

Apple’s sliding sales figures indicate that it needs to reclaim its reputation for innovation before rivals oust it from its comfortable position. Xiaomi has beaten the company to a minimum bezel handset with its limited edition Mi Mix. Android has been doing wireless charging for a few years and Samsung’s king of the curved screen handset market with its Galaxy Edge series.

The iPhone 7 has been disappointing in terms of design. But considering that Apple hardly introduced any big improvements, there was no need to make massive changes to the appearance. For the company to shine forth as a leader in innovation once again, it’ll need to drastically overhaul its next iPhone. Based on what we’ve heard so far, here’s a pick of the best concept designs the iPhone 8 is likely to flaunt.

Image credit: Steel Drake/Behance