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iPhone 8 to auto-mute notifications when you’re looking at it

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The iPhone 8 will have an interesting new feature when it rolls around in September, making full use of its 3D face scanning sensors. Moreover, dummy units of the handset, the iPhone 7s, and the iPhone 7s Plus have made an appearance online.

Starting off on the software side of things, developer Guilherme Rambo has uncovered 4 lines of code in the now-infamous HomePod firmware that suggest the iPhone 8 will be able to tell when you’re looking at the screen. It’ll then mute incoming notifications accordingly, stopping the handset from alerting you with sound since a banner alert will suffice.

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Apple’s new infrared sensors have mostly been talked about in association with Face ID so far, with very little information as to what other tricks the technology will get up to. The fresh leak hints that the iPhone 8 will constantly be on the lookout for your face, an aspect which might trouble people concerned about privacy risks.

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Apple will probably introduce this mute notifications feature as an optional tool within the Accessibility menu, if it does decide to implement it at all. Appearing in the HomePod’s firmware isn’t a direct guarantee that the function will be available on the iPhone 8.

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As for the image leak up top, it comes courtesy frequent Apple leakster Sonny Dickson and 9to5Mac. The photos show off the iPhone 8, iPhone 7s, and iPhone 7s Plus from various angles. While they are dummy units, it seems likely that the 3 represent the final design of the trio. Plus, they mostly match up with a previous dummy model leak.