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iPhone 8, Apple Glasses get leaked by Foxconn insiders

iPhone 8 Size
iPhone 7 vs iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7 Plus. Image Credit: iDrop News

3 alleged Foxconn employees took to Reddit recently under the name Foxconninsider in a massive AMA session where they dished out a number of details about Apple’s upcoming slate of hardware. The workers were verified by the site’s moderators as actual Foxconn staff, but that doesn’t mean the information they provided is completely reliable.

Starting off with the iPhone 8, which the insiders referred to as the iPhone X, the handset is apparently going to resemble the iPhone 7 but with more glass and without AuthenTec’s capacitive touch module. When asked which of the 3 iPhones seen above were closest to the device’s design, they picked the middle one.

Foxconninsider went on to assert that they saw some test units with optical-based fingerprint readers below the display, but the yield rates and performance were not up the mark. This may explain why they believe that production has been delayed. Other than Touch ID, Apple is also expected to include a Facial and Retina scanner.

Other notable leaks include the presence of 3GB of RAM, a vertical dual camera array, a composite glass body for wireless charging, water resistance, and a Lightning port. As for the iPhone 7s, they think that Apple will stick to the same aluminum unibody and not provide wireless charging as an option.

R-7 Smartglasses
R-7 Smartglasses

The Reddit thread also dove deep into Apple’s mysterious smart glasses project. The augmented reality-powered device, codenamed Project Mirrorshades, supposedly has a 65% chance of getting cancelled. If it doesn’t, the firm might unveil it in 2018 or 2019.

It seems Apple’s main push behind the smart glasses is to bring AR to the masses. It includes specs like a Zeiss smart optics lens, light sensor accelerometer to count steps and detect head movement, bone induction module microphones for noise cancellation, a magnetometer for navigation, and a Kopin NED Acetate frame.

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Interactions could be conducted using head movements such as a nod for yes and shake for no in certain apps like Tinder. A futuristic-sounding capacitive strip on the arm would allow people to accept calls and adjust the volume. The Apple Glasses might utilize a prism which conveys images in a 428 x 240p resolution.

There are apparently separate designs for men and women in crystal, black, and champagne colors. The materials cost reportedly stands at roughly $150, which leads the tipsters to predict a $600 price tag for the device. The batteries are apparently a major roadblock for Apple, since it’s finding the unit very difficult to produce.

Sonder Keyboard
Sonder Keyboard

Foxconninsider had some intriguing details about Apple’s next MacBook Pro as well, verifying the existence of an upcoming 15-inch model that would sport 32GB of RAM. They also discussed the possibility of a MacBook with an e-ink keyboard which would let users change the keys according to their preferences. Two have been tested, one in black and white and the other in color, with the latter getting cancelled.

Apple appears to be in the middle of testing out fresh MacBook designs which feature more glass, a dark black body similar to the iPhone 7, and the return of the classic glowing Apple logo. The brand’s also been developing 3 versions of an all-new Siri Speaker. One doesn’t have a camera, the other doesn’t have a screen, while the third likely has both.