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Apple iPhone 7c Seems Set for April Launch

Telecom company China Mobile has unrolled its product roadmap for 2016 and according to this, the iPhone 7c will be launched in April 2016. There have been several leaks about a new 4-inch Apple smartphone. And most of the unconfirmed stories haven’t settled on a name for it yet.

Until now, we’ve been told the next handset will be called the iPhone 6c. It was initially expected to be released in February 2016. In early December, another report emerged claiming that the 2nd generation Apple Watch would be unveiled alongside the rumored iOS phone in March next year.

MIC Gadget who cited Foxcon as the source of its tidbit, previously said the iPhone 7c would hit shelves by September 2016. Note the change in its name and the mention of Apple sticking to its traditional fall launch window. So for the present, we’re going with ‘7c’ as the moniker of the upcoming smartphone.

iPhone Mockup

The thing is, April sounds too early a month for Apple to be rolling out its 4-inch device. Plus, why would it sell a 7c before the iPhone 7? 9to5Mac who dug up this not-so-juicy nugget from MyDrivers seems to share the sentiment. We wouldn’t put our money on an iPhone 7c reaching customers in spring.

However, there could be some truth to the news about a smaller version of the iPhone 6S being prepped for fans. The specifications haven’t been outed yet. But we’re hoping Apple will put the new A9 processor in the 6c or 7c. The company might even leave out polycarbonate for the body and go with metal instead.

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We’re not even sure if Apple will release an iPhone 6c by April and a 7c in September. But whatever be the case, the company is not likely to make a budget-friendly smartphone. Keep your eyes peeled for more on this story.