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iPhone 7 to be stripped of headphone jack, more evidence

iPhone 7 No Headphone Jack

Although it’s not expected to be launched until September, everyone is already making predictions about the new iPhone 7 and its likely features. A brand new report appears to offer more proof of Apple dropping the headphone jack from its next smartphone. A developer has posted a string of code on Twitter which backs up the claim.

Apple has released iOS 9.3 public beta 1.1 to testers and developers. Naturally, some of them have been panning for explosive secrets hidden in the software. The leakster in question tweeted an image showing ‘Headphones.have.%sinput.NO’ in the iOS source code. This puts up a strong case for the standard 3.5mm earphone jack being left out of the iPhone 7 series.

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Since Apple is obsessed with the idea of reducing the slimness of its handsets to no more than a scratch, the headphone jack will have to go sooner or later. Users might have to listen to music by hooking up their earphones to the Lightning connector instead. So no charging your iPhone and hearing songs or watching videos on it at the same time? Looks like it.

Alternatively, Apple may bundle wireless, Bluetooth-enabled headphones with the iPhone 7. As Phone Arena notes, earphones with a Lightning port-compatible connector are available on shelves anyway. Now the round 3.5mm jack has gotta go. The iPhone 6S is just 7.1mm slim. At what point does it become too skinny to hold in your hand? When it’s giving you cuts?

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Apple fans are so (prematurely?) furious about the rumored removal of the standard headphone jack from the iPhone 7, a petition has been started to stop the company from encouraging ‘mountains of electronic waste.’ They could avoid buying the next iOS smartphone, perhaps? Just saying.