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iPhone 7 severely burns pregnant woman’s arm

iPhone 7 Burn

A pregnant Australian woman claims that her iPhone 7 caused her severe injuries after she fell asleep with her arm on the charging smartphone. She apparently nodded off while watching movies, a common enough scenario that could happen to anyone.

Melanie Tan Pelaez didn’t immediately catch on to what had caused the burns, writing in a Facebook post that she woke up to pain radiating from the bottom to the top of her arm. She assumed the problem was medical and rushed to the hospital, only to find out she had been burnt by a foreign object.

Assuming her iPhone 7 was to blame, she took the device to an Apple Store. The company supposedly didn’t take any action immediately. This prompted Pelaez to getting in touch with its executive team. The brand then proceeded to fly her handset to the US for testing.

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Unfortunately, three weeks went by and Apple failed to contact Pelaez, prompting her to take to Facebook to publicize the issue. The firm seemingly got in touch with her again after the post went viral to ask her how she was, but did not give any reason as to why the problem occurred in the first place.

Apple apparently offered Pelaez a replacement iPhone 7, but she refused its offer. It should be noted that the company has in fact warned people that sleeping on a charging iPhone can cause discomfort or injuries in its user guide. Still, even an overheated iPhone shouldn’t give rise to such an extreme case of burning.