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iPhone 7 Plus gets massive Rs 22001 discount on Flipkart

iPhone 7 Plus

Flipkart’s kicked off its Own Your Dream Phone Sale during which it plans to sell premium phones at massive discounts. The 3-day event is set to go on till June 24 and covers Apple, Google, Samsung, and Motorola devices.

The award for the biggest cut goes to the 128GB iPhone 7 Plus, which has gotten Rs 22001 cheaper to sell at Rs 59999. The 32GB iPhone 7 Plus is the recipient of a Rs 16001 cut down to Rs 55999. There’s also an exchange scheme which knocks off up to Rs 15000 from its cost and an Axis Bank Buzz credit card offer which further reduces the figure by 5%.

Even the 32GB iPhone 7 and 128GB iPhone 7 are part of Flipkart’s extravaganza, getting a Rs 17501 and Rs 18501 cut down to Rs 42499 and Rs 51499, respectively. Next up is the 32GB iPhone 6S which has gone from Rs 47999 to Rs 32999, a direct Rs 15000 drop. Meanwhile, the 32GB iPhone 6 is now Rs 4701 lighter at Rs 25999.

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Those on the lookout for something smaller should consider the 4-inch 32GB iPhone SE and 16GB iPhone 5S. The former is selling at Rs 21999 (a Rs 5201 cut) and the latter at Rs 14999 (a Rs 5001 cut). Rumor has it that Apple is letting retailers slash the prices of its handsets in the hopes that it’ll drive up sales, with Flipkart being the brand’s official online partner.

Moving on to Android smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro has gotten hold of a Rs 5000 markdown from Rs 36900 to Rs 31900. Flipkart’s shaven off Rs 17001 from the 32GB Google Pixel in order to sell it at Rs 39999, while the Motorola Moto Z has gone from Rs 39999 to Rs 29999.

You can check out Flipkart’s Own Your Dream Phone Sale here.