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iPhone 7 parts leaked online

iPhone 7

There’s been a lot of speculation regarding the Apple iPhone 7 ahead of its expected launch in September 2016. However, we are yet to see any credible images of it surface online. This might have changed with the leak of a new set of images.

The photos apparently depict the backlight illumination component of the iPhone 7. It may very well be the real deal, since a tiny Apple logo can be spotted attached to the ribbon in the picture on the right. Still, the new pictures don’t give much away about the upcoming handset.

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The images originate from Taiwanese website Apple Club, a credible source of Apple-related news. According to GSM Arena, the device seen in the photos is missing the 3D Touch wafer, which could mean the phone is actually the affordable iPhone 6c. However, a contrasting 9to5Mac report says the feature is present in the photos, so it may very well be the iPhone 7 after all.

Previous rumors had suggested the iPhone 7 may increase its memory capacity to 256GB. The expansion would come as a welcome relief for fans who are frustrated by the lack of memory card expansion in Apple products. The future handset could also pack a larger 3100mAh battery, a significant step-up from the current 2750mAh one.

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Other rumors claim the iPhone 7 will get rid of the distinctive strips on the back of the current generation of iPhones thanks to new compound materials which would hide the antenna. Furthermore, Apple may design the smartphone to be completely waterproof.

Fueling this speculation is another which asserts that the iPhone 7 will not feature a headphone jack. Eliminating the unit would result in a thinner phone which would be more waterproof thanks to there being only one open space, the lighting port. This slot might also be the only way for people to listen to music.

Keep checking in for more news on the iPhone 7 as they come in.

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