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iPhone 7 may have 3GB RAM, waterproof body and more

Apple will push into the market an all new iPhone 7 next year. A number of details about it have been leaking over the past few months. We have now learned that the device could very well ship with 3GB worth of RAM and better yet, a waterproof body.

Apple’s current 6S range incorporates 2GB RAM modules, so the 3GB upgrade might finally convince the company to actually advertise this feature like most Android handsets out there. However, it is possible that the 3GB module will only be making its way into the iPhone 7 Plus, with the basic model staying with 2GB of RAM.

This news comes from a research company we know as TrendForce which has also quoted that waterproofing will be one of the defining features of the iPhone 7. The source does not mention the exact nature of this addition, so it’s a guess as to whether it will be full-fledged Xperia-like waterproofing or just basic water resistance.


The research firm has reiterated that the 4-inch iPhone 6C indeed exists, and is slated to be released in the second quarter of 2016. As for the iPhone 7, its tentative launch period is a bit more vague as it could arrive anytime during the second half of next year.

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It’s being said that the iPhone 7 will kick in major design changes as well. These include the supposed removal of the home button to lend more functions to the 3D Touch functionality. It also means that the Touch ID fingerprint scanner will need to be moved to the side of the device.

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We’ll keep digging for more news regarding the upcoming Apple iPhone 7; so stay tuned. Do be warned that it’s too early to be taking many of the unconfirmed reports about the smartphone without a pinch of salt.