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iPhone 7 may get painted space black

iPhone 5
iPhone 5’s space black version

Apple must be busy putting the final touches on its iPhone 7 range, even as fresh rumors and leaks about it keep pouring it. The latest one among them says that the company will be bringing back the space black color option finally.

The particular shade was available with the iPhone 5, but it was noticed that this aluminum shell was incredibly prone to chipping. This resulted in Apple having pulled the plug on space black by the time the 5S model arrived. The iPhone 5S and all of the ones after it have been offered in the form of space gray models.

A tipster has now told Apple Insider that the iPhone 7 will be coming dressed in a ‘much darker color’ than the current space gray option. Space black is right now being used on the Apple Watch’s stainless steel models; so this hue is definitely still in production.

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But with the addition of a new color option, is there chance of an old one getting removed from the lineup? This is a possibility, but knowing the backlash that Apple will have to face if it does this, we’re guessing the company will keep the current color array unchanged.

This means, apart from the new space black option, buyers will be able to choose between space gray, rose gold, gold and silver colors as well. Lots of things are being said about the iPhone 7 right now. Rumors have pegged its larger model to have a dual camera setup, while there’s even talk of a 256GB model being readied for the lineup.

And with the space black option now having come into the picture, looks like the iPhone 7 will have plenty of new stuff to offer. It is expected to be unveiled this September; so let’s see how that goes.