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iPhone 7 leak shows antenna-less back panel and bigger camera


All attention right now may be directed towards the 4-inch iPhone SE, but leaks regarding the iPhone 7 which is to be launched later this year are also seeping out on a regular basis. We have now stumbled across something that looks to give us a clear idea about how this particular handset will be designed by Apple.

The major difference in this year’s model will apparently be the absence of horizontal antenna lines on the back of the device. This will greatly improve the looks of the iPhone 7, giving it an overall smooth appeal. But as antenna lines are pretty much necessary for the device to work, they will be moved towards the top and bottom of the rear surface.

The leak has come via the Twitter account of leakster Steve Hemmerstoffer. He first posted an image showing the schematics of the Apple iPhone 7, and followed it up with a clear render of what the device can actually look like.

You’ll notice that the camera module on this handset appears to be bigger than that of the iPhone 6S range. This not only tells us that Apple will again be updating its camera this year, but also gives some legitimacy to the iPhone 7 case that had leaked a few days ago.

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So what about the rumored dual camera system you ask? It’s being said that that’s a feature reserved for the Plus model of the iPhone 7 that’s most likely to be suffixed with the ‘Pro’ branding. One more thing that has been revealed by Hemmerstoffer is that Apple will supposedly be making its upcoming smartphone even slimmer than before.

As exciting as the new design of the Apple iPhone 7 sounds, it’s still a leak that could be proved wrong in the near future; so do take it with a pinch of salt.