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iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 Pro price revealed

Apple iPhone 7 Render

As far as iPhone 7 rumors go, nearly every single aspect of the upcoming smartphone has been discussed and debated for the past few months except its price. A new report out of China could just clear the air on that with an extensive list of how much each variant of the phone will be sold at.

According to a Weibo post, the iPhone 7 is set to be priced at CNY 5288 (approx $790 or Rs 52884) for the 32GB version, CNY 6088 (roughly $910 or Rs 60884) for the 64GB one, and CNY 7088 (about $1060 or Rs 70884) for the 256GB model.

Moving on to the iPhone 7 Plus, the 32GB unit of the bigger variant may start at CNY 6088 (around $910 or Rs 60884). The 128GB version could be offered at CNY 6888 (approx $1030 or Rs 68884), while the 256GB one might vend for CNY 7888 (about $1179 or Rs 78885).

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Finally, the ultimate iPhone 7 Pro is expected to be the most expensive of the lot. It kicks things off with a basic 32GB model which may set you back by CNY 7088 (roughly $1060 or Rs 70885), before moving on to a 128GB variant at CNY 7888 (nearly $1179 or Rs 78885) and a 256GB one at CNY 8882 (almost $1328 or Rs 88826).

If accurate, the new leak confirms a number of previously held rumors about the iPhone 7. Firstly, it indicates that Apple is indeed ditching the 16GB base storage system in favor of a 32GB one for its future handset. Furthermore, it looks like the 64GB unit is also out of the picture for the most part, except in the case of the 4.7-inch iPhone 7.

As always, you should take this news with a pinch of salt given how unreliable Chinese leaks about the iPhone 7 can be. We’ll keep you updated as and when more information about the handset drops in till its expected September release.