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iPhone 7 ditches physical home button for touch-sensitive capacitive one

iPhone 7 Home Button

We’ve already had to kiss the headphone jack in the iPhone 7 goodbye and it now looks like another Apple mainstay may have gotten the boot. According to a new report, the company is planning to get rid of the physical home button and replace it with a touch-sensitive capacitive one.

There’s no way to tell if the news is accurate or not, but it should be noted that the blurry photos could easily be fake. However, if they are real, they represent a major shift in strategy for Apple. We’ve heard rumors about such a setup for the iPhone 7 before, with reports stating that the home button and Touch ID sensor will be flush against the front panel.

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An Apple patent had even indicated that the brand was working on adding 3D Touch to the home button. It would apparently work similarly to how the current unit functions based on the amount of pressure exerted. The new capacitive button might not be such a bad thing, since physical parts have a tendency to break.

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The iPhone’s home button had received a lot of bad press a few months ago when it emerged that third-party repairs to the unit could result in the phone becoming unresponsive. Furthermore, having the home key underneath the glass would make the handset more waterproof than before since it would be one less way for water to enter.

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Major changes in iOS 10 are another key factor in determining whether a touch-sensitive system is possible in the iPhone 7. Apple has changed how the lock screen works so now instead of the iconic ‘slide to unlock’ text a ‘press home to unlock’ message will be present. It’s also introducing a new ability which wakes up the phone automatically when the user lifts it up.