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iPhone 7 explodes inside its box while in transit

Burnt iPhone 7 Plus

After Samsung’s exploding Galaxy Note 7 debacle, it’s now Apple’s turn to deal with an exploding iPhone 7 of its own. Photos of the blackened handset have started doing the rounds online after it was posted on Reddit.

As per the Reddit user’s post, his coworker pre-ordered the iPhone 7 Plus in question. It appears to have exploded in transit between factory and delivery, damaging the box to a certain extent. Details about the incident are still in short supply as of now. Apple hasn’t said anything official regarding the case as yet.

The Reddit poster himself asserts that a verified Apple account executive from Texas reached out to him requesting more information. He proceeded to give his coworker’s contact data. The brand is now apparently working with AT&T to send them a replacement phone.

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This appears to be the first highlighted case of an iPhone 7 bursting into flames. The cause of the explosion is yet to be determined. There’s a chance some accident occurred while it was being transported. It could just be an isolated incident or the hint of some manufacturing defect.

While this iPhone 7 Plus went up in flames before it was even taken out of its box, the Galaxy Note 7 usually burnt to a crisp after it was switched on and was being charged. The latter is a far more common scenario when it comes to smartphone explosions. Even the iPhone 6 Plus exploded in an incident earlier this year while a man was charging the device in his bed.