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iPhone 7 to discard camera bump, antenna bands

iPhone 7 Mockup

Reports about an antenna band-less iPhone 7 had begun emerging out of the woodwork a few months ago, and now a new report further adds to this speculation by confirming the development. The future smartphone will likely continue the design tradition of the iPhone 6 series for the most part.

A notable exception to this would be in its camera unit. The source believes Apple will get rid of the hump seen on the rear surface of the iPhone 6 and 6S, streamlining the panel to become completely flat in the iPhone 7. This is apparently possible thanks to a slimmer camera module.

As per the latest round of photography-related rumors, Apple is producing 2 versions of the iPhone 7 Plus. One will house a single camera unit, while the other will play host to a twin-lens system. This new feature could open up a host of possibilities for the upcoming handset, including abilities like 3D depth mapping and SLR-quality photos.

It should be noted that the regular iPhone 7 is not expected to carry a dual-camera setup. According to MacRumors, Apple plans to eliminate only the rear panel antenna bands from the device in order to achieve a clean all-metal design. It will likely retain the strips on the top, bottom and side edges of the phone.

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Previous speculation had hinted that this look has been attained due to new compound materials being used in the body of the iPhone 7. There was also talk of the handset sporting a waterproof design. This rumor went hand-in-hand with reports that Apple was thinking of axing the 3.5mm headphone jack from the handset in order to reduce the ways water could enter the device.