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iPhone 7 could have twin-camera system

Apple iPhone 7 Mockup Image

Apple is known for filing numerous patent applications, many of which never see the light of day in its devices. However, a new patent suggests the company is in the process of developing a new dual rear camera module for its offerings. This could be a significant development, since there have been reports of such a system getting installed in the iPhone 7 in the past.

A dual rear camera setup may lead to a number of unexplored possibilities for the iPhone 7. For instance, the patent suggests it might be used as a way to zoom in on images without losing any quality. This would be possible thanks to the combined power of a standard lens and a telephoto one, which provides the phone with 2 focal lengths to choose from.

Even more intriguing is the prospect of shooting photos and videos simultaneously. While this function has been possible since the iPhone 5, the images which are produced out of it are not high-resolution ones. As per Patently Apple, the new system would additionally make it possible to insert stills into video.

Apple Patent Dual Cameras

The patent further suggests the twin camera module could capture slow motion, 4K and 1080 videos in addition to pictures simultaneously. Apple gives the example of a sports match as a way of utilizing this tool, where a user can shoot standard quality videos and combine it with zoomed in slo-mo footage.

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There’s no indication that the dual rear lens system will make its way to the iPhone 7 (mockup above). The Apple application indicates it may be used in a range of devices like a mobile phone, laptop, tablet and camera. Interestingly, there’s mention of the feature getting installed in a gaming computer with orientation sensors.