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8 Apple iPhone 6S tips and tricks


iPhone 6S

So you’ve purchased a new iPhone 6S and are awfully excited about it, but are not really sure what to explore first. Not to worry, as we’re here with a comprehensive list of tips and tricks regarding the freshly launched Apple handset.

‘Not much has changed, accept for everything’ is the messaging that was used by the company for its commercials, and rightfully so. The new device looks quite identical to its predecessor, but offers a ton of new features that you’ll be pleased to know about Let us have a look at them so that you can show them off to your friends.

Go Ultra HD:

4K Video

iPhones have turned out to become important low budget cinema tools, and Apple has finally acknowledged that. It has equipped the camera of the 6S with the ability to shoot 4K Ultra HD videos with its truly breathtaking 12MP camera. The videos are crisp as hell, but they also occupy a lot of storage space, which is why you’ll need these storage hacks if you’re going to keep shooting them.

4K videos are not activated by deafault; so you’ll have to manually do that by entering Settings > Photos and Videos and choosing the Record Video option from the Camera section. This is where you can dictate your iPhone 6S to shoot its videos in 4K at 30fps.

Wallpapers that move:


Android phones have had live wallpapers since long, but Apple has gone ahead and taken things up a notch by letting you easily use your own photographs as live wallpapers. That’s all thanks to the phone’s new Live Photos feature which records a few seconds of video before and after every picture to enhance/litter your camera roll.

What’s important is that these short clips can be set as your lockscreen wallpapers by tapping the share icon and selecting ‘Set as wallpaper.’ The next time you tap hard on your screen, it will play the short clip and bring your screen to life.

Summon Siri by voice:

Hey Siri

In earlier iPhones, Siri could only be summoned in a handsfree manner when the device was being charged, but that too has changed now. The 6S range allows you to activate the pragmatic and at times funny personal assistant by using the ‘Hey Siri’ command even when it’s not being charged.

Just like ‘Okay Google,’ the command will only respond to your voice since it’s tailored to do that when you first set it up while activating your device. If you’ve missed doing that, just enter Settings > General > Siri and select Hey Siri to get going with the process of setting it up.

Peek and Pop:

Peek and Pop

The 3D Touch functionality on the iPhone 6S turns your display into something that not only senses touch but also force. This allows you to access unexplored functions by pressing harder on the panel. Peek and Pop is a product of this very addition.

If you receive a new email, you can press hard on it to ‘peek’ at it and view its contents. You can leave it at that, but if you wish to reply to it, you can press harder and open that email completely. There are various different apps that make use of Peek and Pop; so start experimenting now.

Access the trackpad:


At times when you’re typing long messages on your iPhone, you miss the convenience of having a mouse for selecting text. Apple has made that easier for you in the iPhone 6S. Another figment of the 3D Touch adoption, this feature allows you to turn your on-screen keyboard into a trackpad.

As any point when you’re writing something, you can press hard anywhere on the keyboard to enable the cursor. Now, keep dragging your finger on the keyboard area until you reach the point where you wish to select the text from. Once that’s done, press even harder to start selecting the text.

A cool way to switch apps:


Till now if you wanted to multi-task and switch apps, you were needed to double press the home button. That has changed with the iPhone 6S. You can ditch the Home button and perform a hard-press on the left-hand edge of the display in order to bring up the running apps menu.

You can do this while on your homescreen and also from within other apps. This is one more among the large number of ways in which Apple has decided to embed the 3D Touch functionality into the device.

Snap a quick selfie:

iPhone Camera

Let’s say you strolling on the street and spot one of the stars from your favorite TV show getting into their car. In order to boast about this little rendezvous to your friends you’re gonna wanna click a quick selfie with them, and the iPhone 6S wants to help you in doing this.

No need now to open the Camera all and tap the screen for activating the front camera. Just perform a hard press on the Camera app’s icon and select the ‘Take Selfie’ option .This will automatically open the app with the front camera switched on.

Be creative:

3D Touch

This final pointer is nothing but a reminder about the large number of new possibilities which 3D Touch has opened up for iPhone 6S users. Just go ahead and try pressing hard on the display if you think there’s a hidden function you haven’t experience yet.

Chances are you yourself will discover a number of ways in which 3D Touch can be taken advantage of for faster navigation of your iPhone’s user interface. Be sure to inform us about your findings through the comments section in the space down below.