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iPhone 6’s new A8 SoC could feature 2GHz CPU – A first for Apple

The string of leaks and rumors preceding the official launch of the iPhone 6 has one more addition to it. We are now hearing that the new SoC which the device will be powered by could grab a processor with a clock speed of 2GHz or more; something that has never happened for smartphones made by Apple.

This A8 SoC will obviously be an update over the well received A7 processor that forms part of the Apple iPhone 5S. This means, the 64-bit architecture which is a talk of the town at the moment, which the A7 possesses will be retained on its successor.

Apple A8 SoC

As revealed by Chinese site cnBeta (via GSM Arena), this SoC will come equipped with a dual core processor. All the processors on previous Apple smartphones have featured 1.something GHz clock speeds, with that of the A7 being 1.3GHz. Hence, a 2GHz clock speed will be a big step for the company and a definite performance boost as well.

It’s no secret that Apple’s manufacturing partner for its processors is none other than its fierce rival, Samsung; that’s how things work in the corporate world. But there’s supposedly a new entry into the team in the form of TSMC. If reports are to be believed, the company has already started producing the SoCs needed for the upcoming device.

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Details about the Apple iPhone 6 have been leaking like there’s no end to them. Just recently, we saw what is believed to be the material which its display will be coated with. This Sapphire coating will bear a strong and resilient nature that has managed to pass many an endurance test. We don’t mind speculations, but what’s painful is that we’ll have to wait until September to find out they’re true.