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iPhone 6S front panel leaks, shows larger front camera and Force Touch component

Leaks about the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are intensifying day after day, and why shouldn’t they? The Apple smartphones are after all two of the most anticipated devices right now. We’re talking about them this time due to a leaked front panel of the 6S model that has given away some crucial details about the handset.

For starters, the iPhone 6S range will come equipped with a larger front-facing camera, as is being suggested by the latest leak. This means there will be a bigger sensor in place, thus translating into a bump in either the resolution or the pixel size.

The current iPhone 6 devices kick in 1.2MP FaceTime cameras, and are able to offer 720p HD videos. A larger front camera should definitely bring with it support for 1080p clips; and as a past leak has suggested, 240fps slow motion videos as well.

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iPhone 6S Leaked Panel

Rumors of a front-facing flash being present on the iPhone 6S range for better selfies have turned out to be untrue, but there are indeed talks of a special feature that turns the screen bright white in order to put light on your faces while clicking selfies in the dark. The front panel has leaked via 9to5Mac which has had ‘EverythingApplesPro’ make a YouTube video of it, that can be spotted in the space down below.

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Another important feature that the leaked display panel is shown sporting is the Force Touch technology which will not only take touch feedback but also determine how much force is applied on the display. This will definitely give developers a lot of new options to design their apps around.

iPhone 6S Leak

The new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus will be unveiled by Apple at its September 9 event San Francisco. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for more information ahead of their official arrival.

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